Enjoy life through every single lovely moment


I grew up in Kitchener, ON and have spent most of my life here. I’m married to my best friend Alex, and we live with our two fur babes, Brutus + Bella. I went to University for two years for Honours Arts before realizing I hated it. I then went to college for Dental Hygiene, and still currently work as a hygienist. This summer, I will be switching to part-time to be able to invest more time into my business, more specifically weddings and the couples I am working with this year.


I am passionate about creating authentic memories and capturing true, raw and deep emotion. I love unique stories, weddings and ideas and have always been someone who loves ‘different’. I am an easy going, friendly, chatty and what I consider funny person so naturally I love being surrounded by good people. The kind that are easy to be around, kind, also funny, and share in my passion for living a beautiful life. I LOVE people that have a zest for life and live life on their terms. Human connection is so important to me, and when you hire your photographer it should be important for you too. Choosing someone who you can connect with, feel comfortable around, and ultimately just be yourself, is going to give you the best results all while having a great time creating and documenting those memories. There is no need to dread having your photo taken. My best work comes from working with those that I connect with, so if this sounds like you, I’d love to hear from you.


I personally believe in inclusion and equality for all. Professionally this means that my services are available to everyone, regardless of sexual orientation, gender, race or religion. I want everyone to feel safe and comfortable being themselves, knowing that your love and your life is something I want to document without judgement. LGBTQIA+ and BIPOC couples and families are always welcomed.


My love for photography started long before I realized I loved it. I’ve spent a lot of time travelling all over the world, taking beautiful pictures wherever I went. Problem was, it was on my cell phone camera most of the time. Before my next big trip to Italy, I purchased my first half decent camera (Canon EOS Rebel T6) and started to learn about photography. I didn’t turn this passion into a business until late 2018 after our wedding, but I haven’t looked back since.I only regret I didn’t have my camera sooner in some of these breathtaking places.

I am a CANON girl all the way baby. I have recently added at 35mm + 85mm lens to my line up and they are my go to lenses. My 50mm is ALWAYS with me.

To me, great portrait says a thousand words. It should capture the essence of a person, couple, family or place. Those are the pictures we all cherish the most, the ones that can take us right back to that moment in time.


I have travelled to 19 different countries.

Cooking is one of my favourite ways to de-stress, and I’m actually pretty darn good at it.

My goal in life is to have a beautiful family and travel the world as much as we can.

One of my biggest pet peeve’s is when people don’t leave things as they found them, or put them away when they are done. GRR.

If I could only pick 3 foods for the rest of my life it would be, mangoes, bread and cheese. And coffee. It’s not a food, it doesn’t count.